Comparison or Analogy in pkg (Solaris 11) and yum (RHEL) commands.

Purpose  RHEL Solaris 11.1 Remarks
Check available Repostiories on server. yum repolist all pkg publisher
Check whether update of packages are available yum check-update pkg update -nv
To install the package on server yum install <pkg-name> pkg install <pkg-name>
To list the available and installed packages yum list pkg list
To get the information related to package yum info ftp pkg info <pkg-name>
To search the package yum search <pkg-name> pkg search <lot of options>
Remove the package from server. yum remove <pkg-name> pkg uninstall <pkg-name>
Check the history yum history pkg history
Repository Information yum repoinfo pkgrepo info -s <URI>
Checking dependencies yum deplist <pkg-name> pkg contents or pkg search
To downgrade the version of package yum downgrade pkg mediator <options> If multiple version of packages are installed in solaris 11
Which file belongs to package yum provides <filename> pkg contents <options>

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