How to run root file system check for OEL (PVM) in OVM x86

In this post I am going to share the experience of running file system check on OVM x86.

One of my OEL Virtual Machine named VM1 root file system went into read-only mode. I was supposed to run the file system check on it to fix the issue.

Most of the time for doing this we are booting VM into rescue mode I was also planning for same thing but for PVM (ParaVirtualized Machine) this is not easy thing in OVM x86.

I tried couple of other methods

a) Booting VM from NFS.

b) Tried to mount root file system as loopback device on physical server to run file system check.

But I end up with failures with them. Then the simple method which I found is sharing with you guys.

Problematic VM (VM1) is in poweroff status.

1) I found another reference VM named as VM2 on same physical server (not necessary) which is having ext4 file system because my root disk for problematic VM (VM1) was having that file system.
2) I detach the root disk from VM1.
3) Attached the root disk to VM2. It got attached on VM2 without any scan as normal disk having file system on it.
4) Ran the file system check from VM2
5) Detach the added disk from VM2 brought it back to VM1 at original position from where It was detached in first step. It should be your first disk otherwise VM1 will not boot.
6) Powered on the VM1 it got booted successfully.

My root file system came back into read-write mode which was expected 🙂




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