How to check OVM (Oracle Virtualization Manager) logs

While working on issue with OVM we are using OVM manager GUI. Few days back I was scanning the new NFS storage on OVM environment. I forgot to check the number of NFS present before the scanning.

Then to verify the count, I logged into OVM manager CLI went to below path and checked the AdminServer.log file to verify the count.


Before Scanning:

####<Jul 4, 2014 9:01:35 AM MDT> <Info> <> <aur1smsmosovm02> <AdminServer> <Scheduled Tasks-14> <<anonymous>> <> <0000KRmSCEJ8tlZ_Tld9ic1Jggnt000002> <1404486095220> <BEA-000000> <Object Inventory: [Zones:0, Pools:1, Servers:1, VMs:0, NfsFileSvrs:2, NfsFileSystems:181, iSCSIArrays:0, FcArrays:0, LUNs:0, Paths:0, OCFS2FileSystems:0, Repos:158, vDisks:0, vCdroms:1, Assys:0, Templates:0, EthNets:5, VlanSegs:3, Vnics:0, Events:2685, ArchEvents:2526, Jobs:346, ArchJobs:0, QueuedJobs:4]>

After Scanning

[root@aur1smsmosovm02 logs]# cat AdminServer.log | grep -i NfsFileSystems
####<Aug 8, 2014 11:39:01 PM MDT> <Info> <> <aur1smsmosovm02> <AdminServer> <Scheduled Tasks-7> <<anonymous>> <> <0000KUtH_Sg8tlZ_Tld9ic1JtRF7000002> <1407562741353> <BEA-000000> <Object Inventory: [Zones:0, Pools:1, Servers:4, VMs:4, NfsFileSvrs:2, NfsFileSystems:192, iSCSIArrays:1, FcArrays:1, LUNs:0, Paths:0, OCFS2FileSystems:0, Repos:164, vDisks:9, vCdroms:1, Assys:3, Templates:3, EthNets:8, VlanSegs:37, Vnics:24, Events:1892, ArchEvents:129, Jobs:73, ArchJobs:0, QueuedJobs:4]>

Most of other useful information is also present in these logs. 🙂


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