How to use vBenchmark tool to measure the infrastructure performance ?

Traditionally, datacenter operators have been focused on benchmarking application performance. In recent years, there has been an emphasis on the measurement of infrastructure performance (e.g. consolidation ratio) in addition to application performance. However, there have been no tools available to measure the operational statistics calculated from actual tasks and events within a datacenter such as how long it takes to provision a new service, how often SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are being met, or even how efficiently datacenter resources are being utilized. VMware vBenchmark is the industry’s first tool designed to measure such metrics for virtualized datacenters. With this tool, you can
Measure key operational statistics/metrics of your VMware infrastructure across three categories:
Efficiency: for example, physical RAM savings by using virtualization.
Agility: for example, average time to provision a VM.
Quality of Service: for example, downtime avoided by using availability features.

Compare your operational metrics against your peer group by choosing to contribute your stats to the community repository. The stats that you submit are anonymized and encrypted for secure transmission.
Track your operational metrics over time. For instance, you can query metrics for the last 1 month, 3 month or 6 month time period and compare how your operational metrics have changed with time.

Kindly refer the article present at below link to understand its usage.

We can download the free vBenchmark tool .ova template from below location


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