How to register MAC address in NEM of OVM ?

I was facing issue on one of my VM hosted on OVM x86 environment I was not able to ping the gateway of backup interface.

As we know in case of OVM x86 NEM (Network Express Module) will come into picture.

Note : In this article I have used ** in place of correct MAC address.

I took the putty session to my Chassis on which my physical server is present. Now how quicky you find all details it all depend upon your inventory 🙂

-> cd /CH
-> ls

To see which BL[1-9] (Blade) is mapped to your physical server.

In my case physical server was hosted on Blade 2 or BL2.

-> start /CH/NEM0/SP/cli

Will ask for confirmation give “y”

You will come to new CLI.

Issue below command to see the registered MAC addresses with both port 0 and port 1. My MAC address was supposed to be registered on Port 1 hence I directly jump into it.

> show -b 2 -p 1 -m
MAC (factory): 00:21:28:ca:55:e0
MAC (CLI): **:**:**:cf:ae:40
MAC (CLI): **:**:**:cf:ae:43
MAC (CLI): **:**:**:ab:02:27
MAC (CLI): **:**:**:ab:02:2e

I found that wrong MAC address was registered on the port. I deleted the wrong MAC address.

> set -b 2 -p 1 -m **:**:**:ab:02:2e -d
MAC address **:**:**:ab:02:2e deleted.

After that I added the correct MAC address.

> set -b 2 -p 1 -m **:**:**:ab:02:0e
Added **:**:**:ab:02:0e for blade2’s port1.

After doing this type “exit” to come out of this prompt.

As soon as I did that I was able to ping my Gateway. My issue fixed 🙂

Tip : Issue “help set” while you are on NEM port to see more options.


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