How to find uuid for adding vmware_fence_soap fence device in RHEL 6 cluster ?

We know that fencing device is crucial component in cluster configuration. If you have configured the cluster on VMware environment which many people now a days used to do, then we can add vmware_fence_soap as fencing device. Its power fencing device.

To add vmware_fence_soap as the fencing device we need to know about the UUID of Redhat linux. We are having two methods to find it.

Method 1 : In this we are fetching the information from ESXi. It will give the UUID of linux machine hosted on it.

We have to use the root login credentials of ESXi to fetch the information and IP is ESXi mgmt IP.

[root@Node1 ~]# fence_vmware_soap -z -l root -p root123 -a -o list

Note : Here UUID is in lower case which is the mandatory condition to add the UUID while configuring fencing device.

Method 2 :  By logging into each node of cluster and issuing below command.

[root@Node1 ~]# dmidecode | grep -i uuid
UUID: 564DF4F7-0807-7C22-097F-FB93ED8A935E

This UUID is in upper case we can convert it into lower case to use into fencing device configuration.

Conversion to lower case can be done with below command.

[root@Node1 ~]# dmidecode | grep -i uuid | tr A-Z a-z

Hope that information helps you guys while configuring fencing device in cluster configuration 🙂


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