What are the new features available in RHS 3.0.4 ?

RHS v 3.0.4 has been released.  It has added several new features. In this article I am going to list down the newly available features. I would suggest you to refer the Redhat documentation to know more about them. You may refer the documentation  to know about the Bugs which are taken care in this version and also about the tech previews.

Now the list of newly added features.

1) Three-way replication : As per me this is the major addition in this version of RHS. Previously replicated volumes were limited to two nodes but from this version we can replicated count of 3 which means we can create replicated volume using three nodes. In this case each node will contain one copy that means we will be having more redundancy.

2) Gluster command log file : In earlier versions of RHS this file was hidden. It contains the command logs. From this version this file is not hidden.

3) Small file Performance improvement : While access the volume using CIFS on windows machine, performance was very bad with small files. In this version improvements have been made for the small size performance.

4) Performance Enhancement Options : Now we have two more tuning options to improve the performance of RHS.

1) Event threads 2) Virtual Memory

Some of the Tech Previews features.

1) gstatus utility

2) Striped Volumes

3) nfs-ganesha

4) Non-uniform file allocation.

I would suggest you to refer the redhat documentation provided above to know more about the features.


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