Why nfstest is not generating the traces (packet captures) ?

If you are running tests with nfstest, you may have noticed that its not generating the packet captures for every test.  Nothing to worry, now new option (–createtraces) has been added to create packet captures for each test when it’s specified.

You may use the below link to check the recent developments regarding nfstest.


I have cloned the git link provided in above link. If you are not having git package install on system, you need to install it.

# git clone git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/mora/nfstest.git

It will download a directory with name “nfstest”. cd into that directory and run the below command to make the tool work.

# python setup.py install

Now with each test just add the –createtraces option, you will get the packet capture.

Happy NFS Testing!!!


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