Ansible configuration file precedence

Installation of Ansible provides us a default /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg configuration file, in which we can make various settings like the default user with which playbook should run on the remote server and the privilege mode of that user.

Here is the default sections present in ansible.cfg file.

# grep ‘^[[]’ /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

As we are dealing with multiple servers which need to be manage by Ansible and most of the time group of servers have different requirements than other hence need of having separate ansible.cfg files for these group of servers can arise easily. Having multiple ansible.cfg creates confusion that which one will get use, this is a genuine question here is the precedence ordering starting from top to bottom.

  • $ANSIBLE_CONFIG   Setting environment variable for the location of ansible configuration file.
  • Using ./ansible.cfg   from the current directory which is used to run the ansible playbook or adhoc command
  • ~/.ansible.cfg   file present in home directory of user which is use to run the ansible command.
  • /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg  default ansible.cfg file.

IMP : Ansible will only use the configuration settings from the file which is found in this sequence first, it will not look for the settings in the higher sequence files if the setting is not present in the file which is chosen for deployment.

Ex : If ./ansible.cfg file is choosen as $ANSIBLE_CONFIG is not defined then it will use all the settings present in ./ansible.cfg, if any setting/parameter is missing for this file, it will not search the setting in ansible.cfg file present in home directory or the default ansible.cfg file.


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